About Cheri

As a young girl, Cheri couldn't decide whether she wanted to be a high school teacher or a meteorologist when she grew up. She loved older kids and wanted to help influence their lives in a positive direction by being a teacher. She also loved following the weather and wanted to be a meteorologist. The former won out because truthfully there were few, if any, women meteorologists that she knew of on TV back in the early 70's.

Before she knew it, Cheri graduated from Bradley University with Summa Cum Laude honors. She was equipped with a triple major in history, social science, and science to teach grades 6-12. During her freshman year, Cheri joined the Pi Beta Phi Sorority and has been an active alum serving as their events coordinator. She was also a little sister to the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity. After college, Cheri taught all three subjects at Bluffs Middle School in Bluffs, Illinois. She eventually came back home to teach history at Palatine High School, where she was also the orchesis sponsor and dance director. In her younger years, she studied all of the genres of dance and has performed in more than 30 musicals, where she met her artistic husband, Mark.

Tragically, Cheri contracted MS in her early 30's. She regrettably had to stop teaching and performing. She started telemarketing for an insurance agency in Naperville. She swiftly moved up the ranks and became the Director of New Business Development for the agency. In 1998, Aon moved their headquarters to Chicago. Due to her MS, she could not make the move. It was recommended that she start her own business and contract back to them to continue working. That is the story of how Hautcalls was born.

Hautcalls has flourished partly because of Cheri's down-to-earth candor on the phone and her relentless belief that "persistence wears down resistance". Her after-hours interests include event planning, dance, musical theatre, fashion, and working out. Her aspiration is to someday write a book about living a productive life with MS.